9 The Links dates back to 1872 and is steeped in history. It was only the third house to be built on the famous Links and is one of the few properties which remains a residential property.

  • 1872-1882

    House Built

    David Anderson known as “Old Daw” (a feathery golf ball maker, then senior caddie and Keeper of the Green at St Andrews from 1840 – 1856) built the house plus a separate house and shop, the house was occupied by Jamie Anderson the famous golfer son of Daw. (Jamie is one of only four golfers who have won three consecutive Opens).

  • 1883 – 1886

    Working Mens Coffee House

    The house and shop lay unoccupied during 1883. From 1884 – 1886 the house was used by the “St Andrews Working Mens Coffee House.”

  • 1887

    Robert Forgan

    In 1887 the renowned Golf club manufacturer Robert Forgan bought the property and rented the shop to Robert Smart Confectioner.

  • 1888-2003

    The Smarts / The Carmichael Family

    During 1888 Forgan used the property as a workshop and lived upstairs, Smart still operated a restaurant downstairs. Ownership ultimately transferred to Thomas Forgan and then to Mrs Margaret Forgan.

    The house was then purchased by the Carmichael family and remained in the family until the death of their son.

  • 2004-2006


    In 2004 it was purchased by an English businessman, who refurbished the house to its current magnificent state, to use during the 2005 Open and later as a corporate hospitality venue.

  • 2007-2009

    Timeshare Trouble

    His fortune deteriorated and the house was taken over by administration and then sold to three Fife and one Canadian businessmen in 2007. The consortium attempted to offer the house as a timeshare, but when this did not materialize, it was placed on the market.

  • 2010-Present day
    9 The Links was purchased as an investment property.

As with many historic Scottish properties the house is not without its share of interesting stories. It is reputed to have a friendly resident lady ghost who frequently checks in on visitors to the house, and her sweet perfume can be smelled throughout the home. And, likewise, rumours continue to amass of a previous owner’s fortune hidden somewhere within the walls of the historic property!